FlyLab Solutions Introduces DroneDekho: Transforming India’s Drone service Sector with Comprehensive Drone Solutions

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Nashik, IndiaFlyLab Solutions Private Limited, founded by three aerospace engineers, Atharv Naik, Shubham Modake, and Rohan Shinde, is pleased to introduce DroneDekho, a Drone Tech DaaS Aggregator Platform offering full-spectrum lifecycle services for India’s drone service sector. Providing Drone as a Service across varied use cases, we aim to democratize drone technology, starting with India’s agriculture sector, where significant gaps exist within the current ecosystem. Our goal is to deliver an improved and standardized superior service experience for customers while scaling operations to cover India’s vast 234 million acres of agricultural land. To uphold this commitment, we collaborate with professional drone pilots and Drone Service partners, providing them with technology, training, products, financing, insurance to ensure seamless and sustainable operations.

“In an environment of rapidly expanding drone markets in India, FlyLab bridges the accessibility gap by unifying the fragmented drone ecosystem. We aim to bring order to this chaotic ecosystem with a vision to elevate and empower 1 million lives by 2030 through an integrated platform-based approach. With this vision, we are introducing DroneDekho, where our target is to deploy over 1,000 drones, creating more than 2,000 employment opportunities and empowering over 600,000 stakeholders across India, ensuring tech-enabled drone operations and building trust in drone technology among stakeholders,” said Atharv Naik, Co-founder & CEO, FlyLab Solutions Pvt Ltd.

About DroneDekho

DroneDekho is a comprehensive DroneTech DaaS aggregator platform, offering end-to-end services throughout the entire drone lifecycle. Our mission is to establish a sky-to-ground ecosystem that transcends geographical boundaries, prioritizing traceability, obstacle-free navigation, and sustainability. Clients leverage our platform to access Drone as a Service for various applications like Crop Spraying, Crop Monitoring, and Data Analysis. We aspire to democratize drone technology, starting with the agricultural sector in India, where we’ve identified significant gaps within the existing ecosystem. Our goal is to ensure a superior, standardized, and dependable service experience for customers while scaling operations across India’s vast 234 million acres of agricultural land. To uphold this commitment, we collaborate closely with carefully selected drone pilots and service partners. We empower them with technology, training, products, financing, insurance, and brand support, enabling their success in delivering on our promise. At the heart of our platform is a sophisticated matchmaking algorithm that connects users with drone pilots who best meet their requirements, ensuring availability at the desired time and date. Our offerings encompass a range of features, including crop cycle scheduling, crop data analysis, no-cancellation policies, on-ground technical support for drone pilots, zero downtime for operations, and personalized drone demonstrations at the customer’s convenience. Furthermore, we adhere to rigorous standardized Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all drone operations.


What makes DroneDekho amazing?

DroneDekho stands out in the market due to its unique approach and offerings:

  1. Guaranteed Service for Farmers: No last-minute cancellations or delays for farmers with prior bookings ensure reliability.
  2. Subscription-Based Model: Our crop cycle scheduling provides end-to-end solutions for seamless agricultural operations.
  3. Comprehensive Post-Flight Updates: Logs and data validate results, offering transparency and confidence to farmers.
  4. Optimized SOPs: Field-specific Standard Operating Procedures tailored to each use case ensure efficiency.
  5. Streamlined Operations: Fleet management and backup drones to minimize service disruptions.
  6. DroneDekho Centers: Farm-to-drone connections through co-branded Centers with fertilizer dealerships penetrating till grass root levels
  7. Robust Support System: Best-in-class handholding support for all stakeholders, from drone pilots to farmers to input providers.
  8. Payment Integrations: To input transactions via a platform for drone pilots with integrating payment gateway.

Remarkable Achievements

Since our inception in 2022, FlyLab Solutions has:

  • Winner – Maharashtra Startup Yatra 2022
  • Signed an MOU with the Maharashtra State Commissionerate of Skill Development,   Employment & Entrepreneurship.
  • Secured 1st prize at the GITAM Youth Conclave 2023 and were honored as the Youth Startup of the Year 2023 by INAE
  •  Secured MeitY TIDE 2.0 Grant from SANDIP TBI amounting Rs 7 Lakh
  • Received recognition as one of the top four finalists in the National Startup Awards 2023.
  • Secured funding of Rs 30 lakhs from IIT Ropar’s iHub Awadh.
  • Already have crossed 30 Lakhs in revenue since inception and are eyeing 1 crore this year!

Strong Ecosystem Partnerships

Our success is further strengthened by partnerships with over 10 Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs), 5+ institutional collaborations, and various incubators, including Step Up Ventures, IIT Ropar, Digital Impact Square, BHAU’s Innovation Cell, SANDIP TBI and IIM Udaipur. These alliances enable us to provide a holistic support system for our stakeholders.

Celebrating Impact stories

Our impact speaks volumes: we’ve positively influenced over 3,000 farmers, conserved more than 7 lakh liters of water, and covered over 4,000 acres with over 5,000 successful flights. This success is made possible through partnerships with over 10 DSPs and a network of 20+ skilled pilots. With partnering with several large-scale enterprises, we want to leverage the network and gain trust amongst our stakeholders by contributing to the economy.

Vision for the Future

At FlyLab Solutions, our vision is to be the primary ecosystem aggregator, with a platform based approach we aim to introduce several other integrated platforms for the specific challenges within the drone ecosystem and leverage the opportunity as Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated at a drone event in May 2022, “Every person should have a smartphone, and every field should have a drone.” Considering this approach, we want to make drone services simple, affordable, reliable & accessible.


Drone market is booming and over 500+ drone companies have emerged and are increasing day by day from manufacturing, service & training domains as primary sectors. Considering these opportunity areas we plan to deploy other platforms serving manufacturers & remote pilot training organizations as of now. This platform-based approach will streamline operations, enhance service reliability, and foster a collaborative ecosystem for drone technology adoption across various sectors. Drones are for everyone, and with FlyLab, we are making them more accessible than ever. Join us in transforming the Drone sector with DroneDekho.

For more information, visit our website [ ] or contact us at [ ].

Contact number – 8408006870 / 8856903513

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